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Board Member President and CEO

Founder partner and owner various largest Interventional and implantable devices companies. Founder Partner President/CEO ETA Co.Ltd. and ETA A.S. as Schneider/Pfizer, AMS/Pfizer, Founder, President/CEO Hospimed S.A., Founder, President/CEO Seta S.A. First Manufacturing Corporation for Custom Packs, receives first ISO9001, EN550 receives CE Mark first in Europe for Custom Packs for Interventional Therapy, CE Mark for Class II products. Vice President and CEO for Nemed S.A. Manufacturing Corporation for Coronary and Peripheral Stents and Balloons, receives CE mark for Ephesus Coronary Stents and Balloons for PTCA, PT. Vice Chairman, Founder Partner Ndi Medical Technologies S.A.

Skills & Expertise Medical Devices, Strategic Planning, Start-ups, Product Development, New Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy, Cross-functional Team...Sales Management, Product Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Development, Product Launch, Product Marketing and sales.

Participated and organized various R&D and invention, courses and symposiums, biomedical trainings to develop personnel skills besides running various business companies and creating market including launching novel technologies such as; Cardiac Rhythm Management using Pacemaker, Subclavian Artery Puncture for Pacemaker Lead Implantation, First PTCA Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty, Tachycardia Termination Zone Detection Study, Anti-Tachycardia Pacemaker Implantation (PASAR).First Monorail Balloon Systems in PTCA,First Steerable Guide Wire in PTCA,First Magnum Guide wire for total occlusion in PTCA,First Pulmonary valvuloplasty, First Mitral valvuloplasty, First Aortic valvuloplasty, First Rotacs (rotational angioplasty) in peripheral arteries, First Rotacs in coronary arteries, Biliary Metallic Stenting with Wallstent, First Iliac Stenting, First Renal Stenting, First TIPSS application, First Minute Ventilation Pacemaker Implantation, First Bronchial Wallstent implantation, First Esophageal Wallstent implantation, First Zero porosity conduit implantation, First Endouretheral Wallstent implantation, First Aortic Wallstent implantation AAA, First three piece inflatable penile prosthesis,IVUS application,Amplatz Treambectomy,Coronary Wallstent implantation, Hot can AICD implantation, Carotid Artery Angioplasty and Stenting, Grafted Wallstent in subclavian aneurysm,Tearduct Angioplasty, Drug Eluting Carbon Stent Drug Coating without polymer invention work, Clinical Animal Study for Drug Eluting Stent Drug Coating Improvement of Drug Eluting Stent Coating Technology.

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